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mpregbb's Journal

The MPREG Big Bang
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A Big Bang for those who love mpreg
I keep telling people I don't write mpreg. And. Really? I don't. Except when I do.

There are Big Bangs for just about everything, but just when I'm hankering for some of that forbidden elixer that I don't write (much less read), I discover that there is no big bang for mpreg. What to do?

Apparently that answer was to start one. So here we are.

The challenge here is for writers to create a 10000 word (or longer) story, be it het, gen, or slash, in any fandom or crossover they so desire. The story MUST include a male character who is or gets pregnant. It can be serious or seriously cracked, it can be magic, mystical, or simply a matter of fact that the men in your world have the babies.

Artists, vidders and/or mixers will then create illustrations, trailers and/or mixes to go with each story.

Sound like fun? We thought so (no, really I mean we...me and my enablers)

These dates are not set in stone. I'm still playing with the notions here.
Important Dates:
August 13 - September 13: Sign-ups for writers.
August 13 - September 13: Sign-ups for artists/vidders/mixers.
October 31: Halfway check-point.
November 30: Rough drafts are due.
December 5 - 15: Artists/vidders/mixers claim fic summaries.
January 5: Final drafts due from writers.
January 10: Artists/vidders/mixers' submissions due.
January 15: Posting begins.

Mods for the moment are just me, phantisma ...though I'm hoping to wrangle in a co-mod or two.

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